The best student’s poster: EPS prize (200 Euros):
HAGA, Taiki   Nonequilibrium Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in a three-dimensional driven disordered system


The best poster:  prize (200 Euros) founded by our Faculty:
SLEZAK, Jakub   Asymptotic behaviour of time averages for non-ergodic Gaussian processes


Judges choice: Honorable Mention for an outstanding poster and superior presentation (bottle of champagne):
KUBALA, Piotr   Random sequential adsorption of cubes



Judging Panel for the Best Poster Awards:

Prof. Ekiel-Jeżewska Maria L.,
Dr. Schumer Rina,
Dr. Bezrukov Sergey,
Prof. Łuczka Jerzy,
Prof. Oliveira Fernando,
Prof. Rubi Miguel



fot. Krzysztof Magda