37th Marian Smoluchowski Symposium on Statistical Physics




The scope  of the 2024 Symposium will cover:

  • Nonequilibrium systems with large fluctuations and strong correlations
  • Stochastic and quantum thermodynamics
  • Resetting mechanism
  • Fluctuation relations and large deviation theory
  • Decoherence, chaos and quantum-classical correspondence
  • Diffusive processes and weak ergodicity breaking
  • Fluctuation-dissipation relation in fluids, granular media, nano- and biological-systems
  • Active matter, collective phenomena in living systems
  • Nonlinear dynamics and turbulence
  • Complex networks
  • Simulations and modeling in polymer physics and soft matter;
  • New frontiers in contemporary statistical physics;
  • Interdisciplinary application;

The conference will take place in Kraków on September 16-18, 2024. 



The Marian Smoluchowski [1,2,3Symposium on Statistical Physics is a cyclic scientific meeting which has been taken place annually in Poland since 1988. Brief information about history, scope and previous Symposia is available here

The conference takes name after the famous Polish physicist who made huge contributions in the natural science and foundation of statistical physics. Links to the most important scientific works by Marian Smoluchowski can be found here

Marian Smoluchowski in front of the Collegium Novum, the main building of the Jagiellonian University.


The Marian Smoluchowski Symposium is organized traditionally with the support of the Jagiellonian UniversityInstitute of Theoretical Physics and Mark Kac Complex Systems Research Center.